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Economy Minister Rade Basta was warmly welcomed at the factories Simpo i Jumko u Vranju, a radnici i rukovodstvo fabrika izrazili su zadovoljstvo što država brine o njima.

"Without motivated workers, there is no strong domestic economy, and without a strong domestic economy, there is no strong state." My attention is focused on the well-being of every employee and improving the business climate so that we can progress faster. There must be harmony among us, to protect each other and to behave as a people. This factory is worth it because of the hardworking people who work there," Minister Basta told the workers of Simpo. Simpa.

After visiting this factory, the minister held a meeting with the general director of Simpo Slađan Disić and his associates. Simpa Slađanom Disićem i njegovim saradnicima.

"I love Serbia and I will invest every atom of my strength in creating new jobs. As Minister of Economy, I will fight for every worker, respect for unions, but also respect for mothers with three and four children who are the pillars of our society. We must not disappear as a nation," said Basta.

The minister then went on a tour of the factory Jumko and spoke with the general director of the company Branislav Trajković.

"During the next year, we will face the consequences of a severe crisis in Europe and the world, and therefore we should make joint efforts to preserve our economy." The key and life of this district are the factories Jumko i Simpo and that is why we will save the market. We have to work harder in order to achieve the set goals, and from the position of Minister of Economy, I will give you maximum support," Minister Basta concluded.