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The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević visited the company "YUMCO" in Vranje today, where he discussed with the general manager Branislav Trajković about the operations of that factory and plans for future cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army.

Vucevic, after visiting the facilities where military uniforms and ballistic equipment are produced, and meeting with the company's management, assessed that "YUMCO" is one of the most important economic entities, not only for Vranje and Pčinjski district, but for the entire country of Serbia. He pointed out that the Government and the Ministry of Defense will pay special attention to cooperation with "YUMCO" and the purchase of everything produced in its facilities, because, as he pointed out, this is an incentive for the development of Vranje and the entire Pčinj district.

- While visiting the company, its units, certain plants together with the management, but also the employees of the company, I saw that " YUMCO "is also working on further modernization, on further better, more functional, more attractive products. What is in the interest of the Serbian Army and the Ministry of Defense, as well as other segments within the state, I'm talking primarily about the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Customs, and the Post Office, is to buy, to procure from this company. The purchase of that equipment and products that are part of the product range or offer of the "Jumko" company is also an incentive or support for the strengthening of Vranje and Pčinjsko district, that is, the south of Serbia, which is the strategic interest and strategic determination of the State of Serbia - said Vučićević.

According to his words, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, together with the President of the Republic, will do everything to make the south of our country, Vranje as the center of the district and this region, stronger economically.

- That our people stay here, that we have new roads, that we have new factories, that we have a high-speed railway to Vranje and to our neighbors from North Macedonia, that " YUMCO“ it has new plants and new equipment and new products and more work. And that's up to us. It is up to us to be successful, dedicated and, I would say, brave enough to do it. I am very satisfied with what I have seen in the company "Jumko" and I believe that the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense will continue to be a good customer, ordering the work and products made by the hardworking workers of this company. - stressed Minister Vucevic.