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On the margins of the "CTIF 2022" review, economic and sport manifestation of national firefighter's association of around 20 countries and almost 3000 participants in Celje, in the period between 19th to 23rd of July, the YUMCO company has used the opportunity to showcase a portion of its products.

The company has recognized the possibility to use this appearance to showcase not only the 3 firefighter suits it exhibited but also the rest of its products, such as protective suits and camouflage-ballistic equipment for military, police and other work uniforms.

The company's stand of a little over 20m2 was regularly visited in large numbers by dignitaries, competitors and entrepreneurs from several different countries who were introduced to the offer, capacities and production of the company. Some of them have shown interest for the continuation of the talks, as well as further contact and a visit to the company.

Besides them, talks were held with delegations from Croatia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria - individuals from volunteer firefighter societies and entrepreneurs who trade and distribute suits and protective equipment.